What Do Employers Look for in Candidates?

Description: Standing out during the application and interview job process can be tough. AllStaff can help you find the perfect fit for your next career move.

Differentiating yourself from the multitude of other talented applicants is the key to landing your dream job. As you start to put together, or revise, your resume, keep these four concepts in mind that will help you during your interview. 

Skills and Training. Create a section in your resume that highlights any technical training or courses taken that indicate you are keeping up on trends in your industry. These can include workshops that you attended at conferences, new software skills you acquired on your last project or even a new role you took on in your previous position. Not all skills and training have to be formal courses offered by an educational institution, for example if you have recently completed a weekend course at your local community college, don't forget to add it! All of these types of continuing education opportunities show potential employers that you are proactive in your own learning and advancement in the industry.

Team Spirit.  This may be difficult to show on a resume but think about all the types of roles you may have played in your last position or on your last project. As you put your resume together, point out the different hats you wore during the project. At some point, you may have been required to present to the client and at another you may have had a supporting role for the project manager. All these types of opportunities help employers understand that you can take on many different types of challenges. 

Ingenuity. Expressing creativity and boasting about your accomplishments is a must on your resume and throughout your interview process. If you helped save your company money or developed a new process that saved the company time, don't be afraid to let potential employers know. Employers recognize this as "thinking outside the box", or getting creative to help the company achieve their revenue and business goals, which at the end of the day, helps them succeed and is incredibly desirable. 

Remember to Be Yourself. Resume writing and interviewing goes far beyond listing and discussing your past experience and educational background. Putting together your resume should help employers develop an insight into who are you as a person, including your interests and potential to grow with the company. Throughout your journey, make sure the points about you truly standout and help illustrate you as unique. Your passions and expertise are the most important aspects of you – so let them shine! Contact us for help in making your next move in the job market.