Top Reasons to Work with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

Looking for a job in this economy can be difficult. The job search process can be long, frustrating and often bewildering. Working with a recruiter helps cut the length of your job search and gets you making money faster. Here are 5 reasons to work with a recruiter to find your next job.

Recruiters Work Directly with The Hiring Company

The recruiter works directly with the company and can provide more succinct information to the potential employee regarding the job qualifications for the position beyond the advertisement. They can also help you shape your resume to reflect the needs of the prospective employer making you more attractive to potential employers and get you in your dream job faster.

You Stay Connected to Future Opportunities

If you don't get the first job that the recruiter puts in front of you, all is not lost. Recruiters keep your resume on file and continually review your resume for other opportunities as the arise. This is a great perk since many jobs in today's market are not advertised but filled directly by recruiters.

Learn About Work Beyond Those Posted on Job Boards

Because recruiters are hired by the companies directly, some employers forego the need to place costly advertisements on job boards. Imagine landing a job that doesn't exist on the open market.

Honesty Can Help You Find A Great Position

If you are highly interested in a position, don't be shy about telling the recruiter. Remember the recruiter has a direct line to the potential employer. Conversely, if you are not interested in a position, tell the recruiter your reasons for not pursuing the job like distance from your home or too much travel required. This will help when the recruiter the next time another position becomes available. 

Recruiters Are Highly Motivated

Recruiters look for people who are highly skilled and right for the job.  Finding the right person results in a satisfied client on both ends of the spectrum, employer and potential employee. A satisfied client and new employee will mean recommendations and a continued business relationship for both parties.

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