Resume Tips for Customer Service Jobs: 3 Must-Haves

Looking for a job in Customer Service? The good news is that customer service jobs are expected to grow by 10% between 2014 and 2024. The challenge is that customer service jobs are in demand and can be competitive.

Your first step? Get a job interview. That means an HR manager or recruiter needs to find out about you—and a good resume is the best way. Here are three ways to improve your resume and get that call.

1. Customize your resume

Your resume should focus on customer service experience and skills. You may be good at lots of other things, but if you want a customer service job, that’s what you need to talk about. If you have had jobs where you waited on customers, talk about your experience in detail. If you haven’t had any customer service jobs, maybe you’ve done volunteer work that involved customer service. Even selling Girl Scout cookies is customer service!

If you don’t have experience, they may still hire you based on your abilities. Emphasize important skills like communication, an ability to stay calm (and help other people stay calm), and an interest in helping others. Provide some examples and be prepared to talk about them in an interview.

2. Make it easy for the hiring manager

If you’re applying for jobs online, your resume may be digitally scanned. Recruiters or hiring managers–or the jobs board that they are using–will pull information out of your resume and add it to their system. Don’t make it difficult.

Use Microsoft Word or another common program. Avoid fancy fonts, colors or formats. Make it easy to read, with the essential information at the top.

3. Show them you’re ready

Even the longest and most elegant resume can have errors. Remember, if someone is hiring you for a customer service job, it’s important to them that you’re careful and accurate. They know that if they hire you and you make too many mistakes, customers won’t come back.

Ask a friend (or two) that you trust to proofread your resume and find any spelling or grammar mistakes. Everyone wants to hire someone who does a good job, so show them you know how.

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