Looking for Work? 5 Reasons to Take a Seasonal Job

If you’re looking for a permanent position, does it make sense to take a seasonal job? The answer is yes. It’s actually a good move, for at least five reasons. Here’s why you should consider temporary or seasonal work while you’re searching for a job.

  1. Cash flow. It’s nice to have a paycheck coming in, especially during the holiday season. Some seasonal jobs also offer employee discounts on merchandise, which could be helpful to your household for the duration of the job.
  2. Close the gap. For some recruiters and hiring managers, an employment gap is worrisome. Even if a seasonal job isn’t the kind of work you’re looking for, working at all makes that red flag disappear.
  3. Potential unemployment benefits. If you’re worried about what happens after the season ends, check with your state. It’s possible that you may qualify for unemployment after the season, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.
  4. Experience. Learning a new skill—no matter how different it is from your other skills—is good for you and your resume. It opens your mind and helps you understand other perspectives on an organization or a business. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, it will feel good to solve new problems, and absorb new information. You might learn something unexpected about yourself or find a new passion.
  5. Network growth. Short-term employment exposes you to new people and new chances to network. Consider a seasonal job an extended networking opportunity and connect with everyone you meet. Practice interviewing and team-building skills, and don’t forget to make friends! You never know where your next connection may lead.
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