Bringing Temp Workers Into Your Business: Dos and Don’ts

For some organizations, temporary workers are business-as-usual. For others, an infusion of temps is a new experience and can be unsettling. Here’s how to help everyone adjust quickly and productively.

Do: Communicate

Inform your team early and explain the measurable benefits to them. Whether you’re hiring temps to help with a new project or to cover vacations and personal leaves, knowing why helps everyone get on board.

Don’t: Disregard worries

If people seem anxious or threatened by temp workers coming in, take time to listen. Some folks need extra reassurance that they’re not being replaced, and it’s worth your time to do so. Also, if people have concerns about sharing equipment or work areas, get it out in the open so that supervisors can develop solutions that are right for everyone.

Do: Engage

Temp employees make it possible for companies get work done, but they may need help to get up to speed. Enlist a current employee to partner with each worker. It will be a good practice and review exercise for your team—after all, people learn best by teaching others. It’s also a social ice-breaker, and you’ll find greater interaction and cooperation among employees in a mentor/mentee relationship.

Don’t: Play favorites

It’s a bad idea to set your team up to compete against the temp workers, or to treat the two groups differently in an obvious way. Of course, your crew is still your crew, and you don’t need to include everyone in every situation. But, as a general rule you should treat all with appreciation and respect—even if they’re just there for a season.

For example, if you don’t plan to invite the temp workers to your company holiday party, consider hosting a small holiday party and buying a few pizzas for each shift. Feeling appreciated and respected for work is motivating and sets a good example.

Need another reason? Our clients often find and hire outstanding permanent employees from their temp teams—why not start wooing them early?

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