Ask One (or Two) of These Ten Questions During Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are a two-way street

That message can get lost when you’ve been job hunting for a while and it seems like employers hold all the power. In trying to seem agreeable and accepting, some candidates don’t ask any questions in their job interview. Or, even worse, they jump straight to questions about salary or benefits.

Make it to the next round of interviews

An interview is really like a first date. Ideally, both parties show interest in learning about the other and ask appropriate questions. Not asking any makes it seem like you’re disinterested or disengaged.

So, have a few questions ready to show that you are interested—in the job and the company and even the interviewer. Here are a few to start.

  1. Is this a new role or is it a replacement role?
  2. Which departments will I interact with during a typical week or month?
  3. What is your best advice for someone taking on this job?
  4. Have you been with this company a long time? What can you tell me about the culture?
  5. Are there seasons that I should be aware of when things get very busy or slow down?
  6. What are the important times of the year or month I should know about?
  7. Will my performance have an impact on other departments?
  8. Can you tell me about the person I would be reporting to?
  9. What is something that you found surprising when you started working here?
  10. What sort of behavior would disqualify someone for this job?

Take charge of your job interviews

Remember, even if you’re feeling desperate, taking the wrong job can sometimes do more harm than good to your resume. Ask questions—and listen to the answers. You’re a part of the decision-making process, so exercise your right to get all the facts.